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Blue Nights

Blue Nights CD cover

1. Blue Nights
2. Am I Your Future [mp3] 3. Think Of Me
4. A Quiet Night
5. Wherever You Go [mp3] 6. Where Did The Time Go
7. My Perfect Man
8. Time Has Told Me
9. Goin' Walkabout
10. Don't I Look Pretty
11. Superstar
12. Mr. Wrong
13. Goodbye Nakamura

Blue Nights

Australian singer-songwriter Donna Burke is releasing her fourth album, Blue Nights, in September, 2005. “Goodbye Nakamura”, the 13th track on Blue Nights, was released in 2004 as a maxi-single. Both the album and the maxi-single were mixed and mastered by Seigen Ono, who is famous for getting a natural sound that makes you feel like you’re in the room with the singer.
Blue Nights was made between 2000 and 2004 in studios in both Japan and Los Angeles. The songs are about real emotions, fears, questions…a lot of it is about wanting to know the truth.
Four years ago when Donna started making Blue Nights, she had no particular theme or message in mind – it was just a collection of her musings on life. But now aged 40, she feels happier, more powerful, and fearless than ever. Donna’s CD is for people who are glad they are finally grown-up.
Blue Nights is about whether our life will be remembered and valued, whether our love is reciprocated, and about standing up as an adult and making our own way in life as it pleases us.
Everyone is looking for the answer to the question “What is the meaning of life?” When you listen to Blue Nights you’ll probably recognize questions you’ve asked yourself about love, death and if your bum really does look big in those jeans!
This CD features Donna’s originals, so her great talent as a lyricist is everywhere in this album. Plus, the arrangements by Bill Benfield, the guitarist and Donna’s husband, will warm everyone’s heart.
You can also download Donna's music from ITunes Music Store.

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