Metal Gear Release Performance

Donna performs live at the Metal Gear release in Akasaka Blitz.

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  1. Sam LIU
    Hi Donna, i just want to say l love your song Heavens Divide, song and i love your voice too. can't wait for your next project.
  2. Nathan Dines
    Woah, you voice is so powerful in Heavens Divide . . You made Peace Walker special :D Kojima also has a part to play because he is a genius :) Well done Donna
  3. Robby
    PLEASE tell me there will be a video release somewhere for this performance. I heard a snippet of it on the Kojima Productions podcast and it was even more incredible than the version on the soundtrack (didn't think that was possible). Fantastic voice and song, thanks so much for sharing!
  4. ifhd
    Love it.
  5. It's the first time for me to spend a long time in internet to find a singer and want to know the singer's background and others songs of the singer, why I do this is just because I am moved by the song - "HEAVENS DIVIDE" . I love the game ,and am really absorbed by your voice . I want to hear more your songs and hope you can sale your songs to china . You know, lots of fans here already .

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