Videos from Donna’s Metal Gear Performance!

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  1. Michael Vang
    Your voice is absolutely awesome. I love the song very much because the lyrics has so much meaning. Well, I found it meaningful. Keep up the beautiful work.
  2. Marcel
    Seriously great performance on this song sounds the same on CD if not better live. Keep up the good work Donna. A truly phenomenal voice and song!!
  3. Cristian Munoz D.
    Beautiful, Absolutely beautiful. This song and her great voice and performance trully makes me filled with energy and emotions, And, "I will dive in to the fire" part really gave me goosebumps. Greetings from Chile, Donna.
  4. Sid
    Hello Donna Burke, i just wanna say, you've got another fan. you were soooooooooooo charming on the KJP report, not to mention your amazing singing voice, and the accents! i love Heaven's Divide, and please do us the honor of keeping up the amazing work
  5. Mel.
    Hello, Ms Burke, I'm just here to say, I think you have a very enchanting voice, a voice that captures the ears of anyone who wonders past your powerful voice. When I listened to your performance of "Heavens Divide" for METAL GEAR SOLID: Peace Walker, it literally, brought me to tears. I would like to thank-you for providing us with such a inspiring song. You have a great personality like a true blue Aussie, and I'm sure back in Australia, we're all happy about your performance too!

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