Voice Actor/Narrator

Donna Burke is a voice actress and narrator who played the role of Angela in Silent Hill 2 and mad Claudia in Silent Hill 3. Donna is also known as the voice of Raising Heart from Magical Lyrical Nanoha, Kanon from Little Charo 2 and the Idroid from Metal Gear Solid. Since 2005 her announcements can be heard on the Tokaido Shinkansen in Japan and in Delta business lounges throughout Asia. Donna uses American, British, Irish and Australian accented English. Since 1999 Donna can be heard on the NHK news sub channel News 7 and Newswatch 9 on Thursday evenings as well as on numerous documentaries and NHK Specials for NHK World. Donna has been a member of the Tokyo Comedy Store’s professional improvisation group Spon Con since 2009 and regularly performs and teaches Improv. Donna regularly gives workshops and talks on being a voice actor, casting director and director at industry events in Japan and worldwide. You can download this free PDF summary of a popular talk “Successful voice acting sessions” HERE

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