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Donna as writer

Donna is a sought after lyricist and loves to collaborate with the translating and creative team to create touching and soulful lyrics. Donna has been writing lyrics since her early days as a singer in Perth where she learned to create witty, funny lyrics for friends’ birthday celebrations. This has given her the ability to be quick and rely on her subconscious powers to create wonderful lyrics on the spot. Donna is in demand for movie ending credit songs, TV dramas, game songs and TV commercials.



  • Last ranker (Capcom) 2009
  • Biohazard Darkside chronicles, “Sleeping Beauty” 2009
  • Elebits “The smile of you” 2006 (lyrics)
  • Toei “Hana Yori dango” (sound track) 2008
  • TBS “Jyoshideka” (Original Sound Track) 2008
  • Lim Hyung Joo “Misty Moon” (Sony)“One Thing I Know”, “Dance With Me” (Rhapsody In Blue) “Trust In My Love” (C. Rusticana)
  • Amin “Onaji Sora no Shita” (Toshiba EMI)
  • “Days like this” V6 Feat. Shoo


  • Singing National Anthem at 2009 World Cup qualifiers (Japan versus Australia) Bledisloe Cup (Australia versus New Zealand)
  • Bandai “Little Jammer” (Vocal for music software vocalist figure)
  • NHK “Eigo de Asobo” Christmas special “White Christmas” (Singing/Appearance)

Songs I've sung and written the lyrics

  • Vandread: Original OVA Soundtrack 1 / Yasunori Iwasaki, Various Artists (2001 - vocal for "What a Wonderful World)
  • Vandread: Original OVA Soundtrack 2 / Yasunori Iwasaki, Various Artists (2001 - vocal and lyrics for "Somedays")
  • Turn-A Gundam: Original Movie Soundtrack - "Wakusei no Gogo, Bokura wa Kisu wo Shita" / Yoko Kanno (2002 - vocal for "After All")
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - "Morning Sky" and "Moonless Starry Night"
  • Haibane Renmei: Original OVA Soundtrack 1 - "Hanenone (ハネノネ)" / Kō Ōtani, Masumi Sakaue (2003 - vocal and lyrics for "Wondering")
  • Konami's Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA - "Star Gate Heaven" and "Star Gate Heaven (FUTURE LOVE Mix)" / Various Artists (2006 - in collaboration with Sōta Fujimori)
  • Sega Outrun 2 - "Life Was A Bore"
  • The Last Remnant - "Journey's End"
  • God Eater (Bandai Namco Games)

Lyrics I've written and others have sung over the last 5 years..

  • Elebits (Konami): Donna wrote the lyrics and Jessy sang
  • Bio Hazard Dark side Chronicles (Capcom): Donna wrote the lyrics, and Rachel and Justin sang


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